Addressable TV adver­tising

Boost your brand’s impact by selectively addressing
your target group

Your digital advertising on
smart TV

Not all viewers watch the same television programmes. By the same token, not all advertising banners need to be the same. Addressable TV advertising enables you to adopt a more individualised approach to brand communication.

In this regard, we develop exclusive, interactive concepts for you based on extensive data analysis and targeting strategies. Get people talking about you with digital addressable TV advertising that conveys more about your brand.

How to create a successful addressable TV campaign

You don’t need much for ATV advertising, just an internet-enabled smart TV and a bright idea. When it comes to the latter, you can count on us. We also happily assume all concept development, production and implementation work for you.

Capitalise on TV’s wide reach without necessarily having to produce an expensive advertisement. ATV is a cost-effective, regional, trackable option. Our media and creative experts will happily cater to your needs, be it in the form of smart TV advertising or an entire addressable TV campaign.


Deniz Mathieu
Executive Manager

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