Digital retail media

Promoting your brand through
e-commerce marketing

Advertising in webshops:
retail media

More than just Amazon advertising: The marketing trend of digital retail media refers to brand communication in different online marketplaces – that is, directly where your target group makes its purchases.

Reach target group members when they are in a buying mood

There is one big advantage to digital retail media, and that is that your customers are already in the mood to buy. Engaging them via online retailer websites can therefore be an especially fruitful approach. It also enables you to draw on extensive user data.

Place your advertising at the end of the customer journey – close to sales and efficiently

Having your ad displayed at the end of the customer journey, close to the actual sale, will make it more efficient. But e-commerce marketing is also an excellent option for less conversion-driven brand strategies, serving to boost your brand’s relevance with relatively little advertising effort.

Our e-commerce services include shopper and Amazon marketing, as well as the full spectrum of other retail media services: we orchestrate your online communication on retailer platforms, in partner networks and at the point of sale.


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