Media Planning & Media Strategy for Brands

Digital media has blazed a trail of success over the past twenty years, even though digitalisation has barely even begun if you consider developments such as Smart TV or the Internet of Things. Yet this should not obscure the fact that conventional media is still used willingly and widely, even in the digital age.

The major challenge for media planning and buying therefore lies not only in achieving a perfect understanding of media and being able to use it efficiently. The true skill lies in optimally orchestrating the use of both conventional and digital media for brands. Just as people naturally switch between both types of media without thinking about whether they have received an entertaining or informative subject in analogue or digital form.

We at pilot are totally committed to establishing an ideal connection between conventional and digital media, and develop campaigns for our customers that do justice to the media usage habits of the modern age. Our consultants are perfectly familiar with both digital and conventional media, meaning that they are able to establish combined media planning between both worlds using innovative approaches and tools.

Our services for effektive media planning

pilot offers you a media planning team of specialists and highly developed online and offline tools to help you reach your goals. The ideal basis for ensuring that your media budget is applied successfully and quantifiably in both conventional and digital channels.

Conventional media
planning and buying

pilot offers the highest standard of planning on all conventional channels. We provide you with an overview of the various options and select suitable channels and placements. If required, we develop creative ideas for new presentations and know how individual measures can be ideally interlinked, whether within the conventional forms of media or combined with digital media.

Digital media planning
and buying

pilot covers all aspects of digital marketing, ranging from mobiles, social media, search engine or performance marketing, online video campaigns, digital screen communication to own Web TV broadcasting formats. We value high-quality brand contact and meticulous interconnection with the other communicative activities of a brand.


There is only one currency in performance marketing: Measurable success. Our specialists offer personal and competent support at all times in all matters concerning affiliate marketing and data-driven advertising, search engine marketing and optimisation, or performance display and multichannel performance marketing.

Integration of conventional
and digital media

Conventional and digital media usage have been seamlessly intermeshed for a long time. So brand communication should not draw a line between conventional and digital disciplines either. pilot is among the pioneers when it comes to enabling the planning and successful implementation of integrated campaigns – for example, with Double Play, our combined TV and online planning instrument.

Programmatic Advertising

pilot has developed a unique programmatic advertising service that is significantly different from usual market approaches. We have invested in data driven advertising since 2009, built up a large team of experts and already implemented hundreds of campaigns. At pilot we understand programmatic advertising as efficiency driver for any campaign – no matter if there are branding or performance objectives. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Collaboration with media,
sport and industry

pilot has its own team of specialists for the development and implementation of individual collaborations with other industrial partners or media. The services range from “simple sponsorship” to an extensive series of events. Contact us!

Products & tools for the optimal media strategy

We help to advance the market by developing innovative tools and approaches for the world of media planning. We always cause a stir in doing so and create advantages for our customers. Here are a few examples:

Double Play

Double Play

An exclusive instrument on the German market for integrated TV and online planning from a single data source, based on the established TV market standard.



Our strategic analysis and planning instrument for regional advertising campaigns that equally takes into account both external and customer-owned data sources.

Impact Score

Impact score

A set of products that, with Impact Score GRADES, offers you an exclusive evaluation system for assessing the quality of the placement of online display campaigns and enabling a comparison.

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