The pilot agency group and its core competences

We use the diversity and dynamics of a media environment that is changing radically. And we design communication for people whose media usage habits are also changing. The philosophy of the pilot agency group is “from here into the future”. We develop innovative ideas to gain an advantage for our customers in a constantly changing market environment. At the same time, we make sure that the full potential of these ideas is unleashed here and now, resulting in measurable success for brands.

pilot was launched in 1999 as a media agency for conventional and digital media. From the very beginning, the design and production of advertising campaigns was also an important element of our business activities. Because the separation of media and creation, and that of conventional and digital media, is a thing of the past. That is why, at the pilot agency group, media professionals, creative minds, technology specialists and researchers work closely together. This means that, in our offices in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart, we can devise campaigns that meet the challenges of the digital age.

Skills & core competences at the pilot agency group

Not only creative minds have the exclusive right to exceptional advertising ideas. Nowadays, important impulses for innovative and particularly efficient measures often come from the media and technology sectors. The closer these three areas cooperate, embedded in a solid foundation of research, the more convincing the result.

Therefore, at the pilot agency group, we have dissolved the boundaries between media, creation, technology and research so that we can develop new communication ideas for the digital age at the points of intersection.

pilot Media


pilot offers media strategy, planning and purchase for conventional and digital media. Our customers benefit from the wealth of experience offered by our team of consultants and from exclusive media tools developed in-house.

pilot Creation


Whether it is a question of websites, advertising media, TV commercials, campaigns or content marketing concepts, our cross-departmental team of creative minds, editors and social media experts develops the ideal creative solution for your brand.

pilot Technology


This discipline has become an important aspect of the agency’s services as only those who understand technology and can put it to use for brands can gain an advantage in the digital age. That is why we constantly invest in individual technology solutions for the benefit of our customers.

pilot research


The more complex the target group and the media environment, the more important it is to have a strong data base on which decisions for marketing activities are made. At the pilot agency group, a versatile research team provides the solid foundation for all departments for securing investments in brand communication.

A selection of pilot agency group's clients

The pilot agency groups at rankings


At RECMA pilot ranks no. 12 among all media agencies in Germany


pilot is the second largest independent media agency in the German market


pilot ranks no. 3 among Germany’s biggest digital marketing agencies

*Sources: RECMA Agency Ranking (July 2017), BVDW Internetagentur-Ranking 2017 (category marketing/branding)

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