Programmatic advertising

We give your campaign greater impact by automation

Quality and efficiency through programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is often considered a business model for high-performance digital advertising. But this is only a fraction of what programmatic media planning can do. As data-driven marketing pioneers, we know

how effective programmatic advertising is in terms of increasing the quality and efficiency of ANY digital campaign. Entirely independent of the media purchasing business model and of any branding or performance targets.

The benefits of programmatic advertising

A programmatic approach will improve any campaign

Because programmatic advertising invariably heightens the efficiency of branding or performance campaigns , we recommend that the approach be applied not only to all digital campaigns but also, to capitalise on it fully, to all media plan bookings.

In this regard, pilot ensures that the requisite framework conditions are in place and that all media partners can facilitate this type of advertising.

When it comes to media purchasing, pilot is not limited to specific technology providers, media providers or business models. As an owner-run agency we work independently and don’t restrict ourselves to offering only agency-own products (as is often the case elsewhere).

Instead, we develop individualised programmatic strategies and evaluate the technology and media on the market to select what is best for you. This allows us to react flexibly within a highly dynamic market environment.

Programmatic media planning does not replace human know-how. After all, in the age of programmatic advertising, good communication is created not by machines, but by agile, creative minds.

Rather, the automation of complex processes (e.g. programmatic buying) frees up agency consultants, analysts and strategists, who can use the additional latitude to further exploit data and technology in the interests of your campaign.

Any data and insights gained through programmatic advertising within a campaign you paid for belong exclusively to you.

With pilot, you have complete control over the use of those data, and can decide for yourself how you want to use them. This is irrespective of which programmatic advertising service provider collected the data.

Contrary to the usual market practice, we treat programmatic advertising just like any other of your media advertisements.

On request, we provide you with full transparency regarding the purchasing conditions of each programmatic ad booking and to the media and technological processes involved.


Thorsten Mandel
Executive Manager

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