Advertising research

We develop the knowledge necessary to maximise
advertising impact

Enabling your brand communication to shine

Our research team for the effects of advertising will provide you with valuable insights to boost the creativity, potency and efficiency of your brand communication. We’ll help you make sure your campaign has the desired effect.

How advertising research can influence the success
of your brand

The success of an advertising campaign is measured based on the effects of advertising it achieves. But how exactly are these effects measured? And what steps can you take early on in the concept development phase to maximise the advertising impact?

This is where we come in. We don’t just measure the effects of advertising measures at the end of the respective campaign, but rather monitor the success of advertising continuously. This involves targeted data analyses and close collaboration between the various experts involved, and enables us to create brand communication with media intelligence.

Proven advertising impact

Our agile media intelligence concept takes your communication planning to the next level, demonstrably heightening the effects of your advertising. This data-driven media planning yields greater advertising impact and benefits both you and your customers.

Online Visions

Our Online Visions research initiative is the largest of its kind in Germany, established with the goal of optimising the interplay between TV and online advertising. 

Our Double Play tool is a comprehensive planning instrument for integrated TV and online planning, and is the first and only such instrument in the German advertising market.

pilot PRESTO comprises an extensive set of standardised tests spanning all phases of the communication and product development processes, and all aspects of brand management.


Martina Vollbehr
Executive Manager

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