Data intelligence

Turning big data into smart data

How to tackle the
challenge of big data

Large volumes of data are a fundamental component of digitalisation in two senses. First, they are the basis for technological progress; second, this technological progress generates them in ever greater amounts.

Companies are therefore faced not just with the challenge of coping with their sheer volume, but also of evaluating them promptly and effectively within the scope of big data analysis.

After all, if the constant streams of data are not processed promptly, the information collected will quickly lose value. This is precisely where our data intelligence approach comes in.

Gaining added value from big data.

The ability to manage and process big data, that is, the enormous amounts of data that inundate businesses on a daily basis, has become indispensable to decision-making. Our ability in this regard – known as data intelligence – is tried and tested, and is now supplemented by a long-term data concept.

This concept defines how we organise and securely process information within a big-data strategy, and how we then turn it into smart data that you can quickly avail of when making internal and corporate decisions.

Because only through taming and effectively analysing the vast floods of data are you able to react to market changes and tap into new business fields.

The benefits of data intelligence

  • Improved strategic decisions
  • Detection of market trends
  • Improved knowledge of customers
  • Creation of new business possibilities
  • Optimised internal work processes


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