Mobile marketing

Capturing people’s attention with mobile advertising formats

Mobile first – mobile advertising is on the advance

Mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent by the day. Mobile marketing enables you to use these devices to target your customers effectively with a relevant offer or surprise service, and to do this within a personal environment.

Mobile advertising is therefore becoming increasingly important for marketing campaigns. Moreover, by addressing customers via their smartphones or tablets, mobile advertising formats reach your target group in the places they themselves communicate.

Mobile marketing is multifaceted

Mobile advertising formats are just one aspect of mobile marketing. The field comprises many other areas that need to be catered to if your brand communication is to be a success.

In good hands from A to Z

They include responsive website design, mobile apps, and branding and performance campaigns. Our location-based advertising services involve devising solutions with clear links to the context in which the specific product or service is used, and in doing so creating positive brand experiences.

We assume all operational tasks in this regard, from the strategic and concept development work through to consulting, purchasing and technical implementation services. We also take charge of adapting classic campaigns for use across multiple media formats, and of tracking and re-targeting.


Colin Redemund
Senior Consultant Media Operations

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