TV advertising

Television advertising to guarantee activation

Tried-and-tested TV advertising

TV advertising is still the channel with the fastest reach. However, with today’s media landscape overflowing with different formats and providers, it is more important than ever to come up with truly attention-grabbing concepts. We not only plan your TV campaign for you, we also ensure that your ads are placed effectively so they capture maximum attention.

A TV campaign without video advertising:
these days, almost inconceivable

Video is a popular format with all target groups and across all channels. It can be used in classic advertising (TV ads), in special advertising formats such as addressable TV, in seasonal or regional TV advertising, and of course in online advertising. Ideally, it is used across a combination of different formats.

We take care of all your TV advertising needs from concept development, castings, location searches and video shoots to editing, sound editing and the effective placement of the finished products, with our experts always ensuring that the various measures are ideally coordinated.


Jürgen Irlbacher
Director Creative Services

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