Performance marketing

Measurable success for your brand

Integrated planning
for optimum effect

Our many years of experience have shown us that the best performance campaigns come about when media, creation and technology have been carefully aligned with each other. This is true irrespective of the campaign type (multi-channel strategy, conversion optimisation or pure search engine marketing).

Our approaches to ensuring campaign success are therefore based on interdisciplinary teams of performance marketing experts, which can include specialists from the creative and classic channels if necessary.

Boosting performance
through technology

We monitor the entire customer journey along all digital touchpoints (display, SEA, affiliate, social, etc.) and use the best technologies on the market to help you achieve your performance marketing goals.

We therefore work with the pilot Programmatic Suite, which comprises leading DSPs and DMPs, to control and monitor programmatic performance campaigns, as well as with innovative search, tracking and reporting tools.

Our performance marketing services


Search engine advertising (SEA), that is, the placement of text ads based on search terms, is among the most efficient performance marketing channels. It is therefore an essential component of any campaign seeking to generate new customers and sales.

In search engine marketing, we boast close relations with Google and other technology partners, have long been SEA quality-certified by the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), and ensure that our SEA employees have Google Ads and Bing Ads accreditations.

We use SEO (search engine optimisation) to improve the visibility of your website. SEO is crucial to any multi-channel strategy because it enables search engines to recognise and rank the relevance of your website.

Our SEO strategies are invariably integrated into our content marketing and into other on-site and off-site measures. Your advantage: additional organic and high-conversion traffic, free of charge. We also combine it with other channels such as SEA and Display.

We use our expertise, which has been distinguished with multiple Zanox awards, to advise and support you across all aspects of affiliate marketing, helping you exploit the sales power of your publisher network to win new customers and increase sales.

Our affiliate experts will provide you with comprehensive advice on affiliate strategies (private network and/or public network), publisher networks, possible commission models, protecting yourself against fraud, and tracking.

Social media advertising, which entails the placement of paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, has become a powerful channel for sales-driven campaigns. This is thanks to its finely honed targeting options and attractive prices.

We provide you with comprehensive advice on social media advertising, detailing such aspects as social advertising strategies, campaign planning, ad placement and campaign performance analysis.

Performance display campaigns enable you to win over new customers. We can implement both classic purchased and programmatic performance display campaigns for you – at top media conditions, of course.

We manage your display, video or mobile campaigns on the basis of key performance indicators defined together with you. The quality of our work in this regard is reflected in the high visibility of your advertising media, in the effectiveness of targeting measures, in our organisational transparency, in brand safety and in our anti-fraud measures.

pilot is a pioneer when it comes to the automated, data-driven purchasing of media inventory in real time (programmatic buying). Programmatic buying enables us to deliver your display, video or mobile campaigns in the right place and at the right time to the exact target group.

We create your programmatic advertising strategy while our pilot Programmatic Suite, comprising market-leading DSPs, provides you with access not only to the most powerful bidding technology, but also to all relevant inventory and data partners.

We boost your shop’s turnover by cleverly re-targeting customers with individualised product recommendations. This turns visitors to your website or e-shop into buyers.

We can also achieve further conversion optimisation through a dynamic advertising design, intelligent environment control and a sales-focused landing page design. By selecting the pertinent contact classes, we moreover ensure that our re-targeting measures are not perceived as annoying by your visitors, but as helpful and relevant.

Target your customers in the places they use to look for your products or services (e.g. on Google, Amazon, etc). Price search engines have become an important source of information for many users looking to buy products, and are

especially important for the sale of products via e-shops. We advise you on which PSEs are best suited to your purposes. We also guide you on how to prepare your product data and implement your campaign to achieve the best possible placement results.


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