Creative services & Content Marketing for brands

It is easy to claim that your brand is something quite exceptional. However, due to the strong synergies in all fields of expertise at pilot and the well-informed understanding of both brand and media throughout the entire agency, we are able to offer all kinds of creative services in order to develop innovative, surprising and precisely targeted campaigns. Campaigns that effectively underline the special character of your brand and make it stand out from the competition.

We do this by using relevant content and presenting it creatively in all contemporary forms of media. Presentations that your target group not only enjoys watching, but which also provide added value. That is why we employ highly qualified, versatile specialists in the field of creative services who are proficient in all of the digital and conventional disciplines of a full-service agency. And the fact that we have received numerous awards, of which we and our customers are very proud, is the proof that we have already developed quite a few special concepts for brands.

Our portfolio of creative services

Due to our unusual mixture of digital, promotional and editorial expertise, we are in a perfect position to create successful digital brand experiences. In this respect, we always have an intuitive feel for the right combination of content, context and medium and for the best customer experience consistent with your brand.

Brand, communication and digital strategies

We develop strategies for brand experiences that meet the requirements of our increasingly digitalised living and working environment in a sustainable way. We offer our entire repertoire of instruments such as digital and brand strategies, communication and portfolio strategies, and channel and content strategies, for this purpose.

Web TV &
content marketing

Thanks to our unique network of content marketing specialists, we at pilot are able to devise complete branded entertainment concepts from a single source. Our portfolio includes editorial moving image content (Web TV), advertising videos and TV commercials, moving image strategies for online media, explanatory and image videos, and consultancy services, e.g. for product placement and testimonials.


We help you to implement your mobile website and to develop and realise customised mobile marketing strategies. Whether it is a performance campaign – for example, for app advertising including download-tracking and re-targeting – or a precisely targeted branding campaign including integration from the mobile to the conventional campaign, we offer you solutions for the future today.

Social media marketing

The main focus of our services is on the brand and image sectors – we offer services for all issues relating to consulting, conceptual design and content, social media monitoring, community management, blogger relations and advertising . However, our portfolio also includes CRM, market research and product development, sales, human resources and in-house knowledge management.

Conventional advertising

In terms of creative design and implementation, we think in all media directions and prefer to work in such a way that a digital aspect is always factored into conventional campaigns, where possible. We can design your communications in all media that come under the heading of so-called conventional marketing, conveying your message in newspapers, magazines and on posters, on the radio, on TV or in cinemas.


We are experienced in the implementation of websites for representative, informative and sales-related purposes for the B-to-B, B-to-C and C-to-C sector. Whether you want to optimise an existing homepage or establish an exclusive, new web service, pilot offers you a complete range of services for developing competitive and technically valid solutions, from strategic consulting to maintenance and upkeep.

Display ads

pilot was one of the very first agencies to develop digital advertising media. That is why we are familiar with the entire contemporary range of standard and innovative specialised formats. This also applies for related landing pages or microsites integrated into the target website. And depending on the particular campaign objective and the technical possibilities available in the various environments, we also individually develop new types to meet your requirements.

Online dialogue marketing

You can effectively support your distribution, sales and customer retention activities with the proper use of e-mail marketing. pilot has many years of experience in the various areas of dialogue marketing. Whether in B2C or B2B environments for branding and sales-oriented direct marketing via the online channel, we specialise in the creative implementation and the entire operational handling of your e-mail marketing.

Content for digital screens

In close collaboration with pilot Screentime, the specialist agency for the Smart TV and digital screen communication (digital signage) market at the Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Interest (POI), we develop content for digital advertising space. We provide solutions that convey your brand message and present offers according to a number of different criteria and tailored to each target group.

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