Technology expertise for better communication

The demands on marketing communication in the digital age have increased considerably. And there is no end in sight. Because, apart from excellent creative ideas and the media implementation of these, technology expertise has now also become a decisive factor for successful actions. Technological issues increasingly decide whether a campaign is accepted or rejected by the target group. And more and more often, it is the technical specialists that provide the important impulses for unusual creative and media ideas.

That is why technology expertise plays an important role at pilot today. Not only in the technical development of unusual types of advertising and the conceptual design and realisation of innovative media tools, but also in the control of digital campaigns or the intelligent handling of massive amounts of data that is available to Marketing these days.

pilot has its own teams for developing and implementing complex IT projects in the marketing department.

Technology services at pilot

Our business activities in the technology department range from highly developed ad server systems and quality assurance tools, innovative forms of advertising media, tools for planning, handling and reporting, to the technical development of systems in the Smart TV sector and digital screen communication. We provide advanced and deep technology expertise in every aspect.

Tool development

pilot uses a set of technically excellent tools that we mainly develop ourselves or together with strategic partners both at home and abroad. We create our own software and integrate best-in-class solutions, where reasonable. This way, we optimise the media planning and continually improve the effectiveness of our consulting service.

Ad technologies

We oversee the implementation of campaigns in digital media with a select team of experts. Our services range from advice on the strategic and tactical use of the ad server, and the administration of tracking and container tag management systems, to individual developments for technical creation problems.

of advertising media

Our technology expertise covers the handling of all digital advertising media that includes, for example, moving-image formats and animated images, websites, landing pages and mobile sites, as well as apps, games and, of course, display ads. We oversee the entire cycle, starting with the basic idea right through to its development and production.

Technologies for Smart TV and digital screen communication

Technological progress allows Internet and TV to merge – into an exciting new market. Here, pilot Screentime has positioned itself centrally as a Full Service Agency for Digital Signage, the rapidly growing advertising and marketing channel, and Smart TV. Besides consultancy services, design and content creation, we offer you production and system development for digital screen solutions.

A selection of our technology-driven tools

Numerous innovative pilot tools are integrated into our everyday business routine. They help us to master the digital complexity and provide competitive advantages for our customers.

pilot Mercury


Mercury Media, an exclusively developed tool, forms the backbone of our work. The entire planning process from the initial idea for a media strategy to its technical implementation, reporting and invoicing is overseen by Mercury Media. This produces crucial efficiency advantages, guarantees time schedules and ensures a high quality of work.

Double Play

Double Play

With Double Play, pilot is the first agency to develop an approach that enables combined TV and online planning from a single data source. For this purpose, usage data from the AGF TV panel (TV) and the GfK Media Efficiency Panel (online) were merged for the first time. This means that we are able to guarantee the optimal distribution of budgets for combined TV and online campaigns.



The geopilot is one of our exclusive strategic planning tools for conventional media – developed in collaboration with Jost von Brandis, the specialist agency for outdoor advertising. geopilot aggregates data on digital maps in order to enable individual geomarketing analyses. This unique regional information and analysis system enables considerably more precise campaign planning, especially for regionally focused customers or campaigns.

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