Market research & data intelligence for brands

Our experienced team of market research specialists provides insights that can shape up your brand communication in terms of creation, assertiveness and efficiency, giving you a clear advantage in the competition to win over the hearts and minds of the consumers.


For this purpose, pilot offers you all the possibilities of innovative market research, with a particular focus on the interaction between conventional and digital media. This is demonstrated, for example, by our Online Visions series of surveys, which contribute trendsetting impulses to the world of advertising.

Our research services & portfolio

Our range of services is provided by highly qualified market and media researchers. Within the context of innovative, quantitative and qualitative market research projects, target group and media analysis is also part of our business. In addition, we offer strategic approaches for which we enjoy exploring new paths in the search for customer-oriented and individual solutions.

Brand research

We offer our assistance for image and brand core analyses in brand management and optimisation. Our scientific expertise covers all aspects of innovative market research: Target group analysis, consumer insights, positioning analysis and brand tracking.

Product research

Our research skills come into play when it comes to deciding on the appropriate creation or how important a certain product feature is for the purchase decision. We advise and assist you with a wide range of methods – e.g. concept tests, POS / shopper research, test markets, price research, usage & attitude surveys and much more.

Target group research

Taking a closer look at how people react to a product, an advertisement or a new TV commercial leads to valuable insights and is the key to attracting and retaining target groups for the long term. The pilot research team relies on a versatile set of methods for the analysis of the target group in order to identify the requests and feedback of a selected group of individuals with regard to brands or topics.

Advertising media

The success of any campaign lies in the quality of its creation. By means of qualitative and quantitative pre-tests, we examine advertising media in terms of design and/or effectiveness and test motifs or concepts against each other. The result: Indications of potential market reactions and the opportunity to avoid flops – for the maximum impact of your advertisement.

Advertising effectiveness research

Many influences have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an advert. Factors that can be influenced are measured in pilot’s department for research into advertising effectiveness: e.g. popularity of the brand and brand image, the impact of the creation or the situational interest in the product. Specific recommendations for efficient communication strategies and suggestions for optimising campaign and media planning can be derived from the data analysis.


The management of huge amounts of data and the quick and intelligent analysis of these serve as a natural basis for decision-making at pilot. The skills of our experts in the area of Big Data ensures not only our competitive ability, but also that of our customers. Data intelligence is essential to enable us to react to changes in the market and capture new business sectors.

Our work flow for brand research

In preparing and performing an analysis, we use a generally tried and tested procedure as a guideline, the contents of which are of course altered, depending on the particular project requirements. In direct consultation with you, we’d be happy to show you what this procedure could look like for your particular project.

Tools for research & data intelligence

Online Visions

Online Visions

One of the largest research initiatives on the German market operates under this name, aiming to optimise the interaction between TV advertising and online advertising. This series of studies analyses the advertising impact of typical TV/online campaigns and provides specific results that can be put to direct use in strategic TV online planning.

Double Play

Double Play

This tool developed by pilot is, so far, the one and only instrument of its kind on the German advertising market. Doubleplay is a comprehensive planning instrument for integrated TV and online planning from a single data source, based on the established market standard of AGF TV panel data and the Media Efficiency Panel.

pilot Presto

pilot Presto

Standards revised and simplified – we offer a wide range of standardised test procedures under the name of pilot PRESTO. With pilot PRESTO, we offer you a comprehensive research approach, the entire spectrum of which covers all of the stages of the communication process, the product development and the dimensions of brand management. pilot PRESTO currently has nine individual tools: Brand concept, creative effect, overnight, journey, modelling, social and strategy.

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