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Current vacancies at our agency

Follow this link to browse our agency’s jobs and vacancies. And if you see something that appeals to you, you can apply directly.

If we don’t currently have anything suitable, you can subscribe to our vacancies bulletin to stay informed about new job openings. You can also send us an on-spec application via our talent pool.

Tip: We are regularly on the look-out for freelancers, coaches, trainers and consultants for our various specialist areas.

Date Employment Audience Location
21.01.2020Ausbildung zur/zum Kauffrau/ -mann für MarketingkommunikationApprenticeHamburg, Deutschland
20.01.2020Werkstudent (Media-) Buchhaltung (m/w/d)StudentHamburg, Deutschland
16.01.2020Werkstudent Digital Media Operation & Campaign Management (m/w/d)StudentHamburg, Deutschland
15.01.2020Sachbearbeiter Mediaabrechnung (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
15.01.2020Junior Manager Technical Ad Operations (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
14.01.2020(Senior) Account Manager Paid Social (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalStuttgart, Deutschland
14.01.2020Werkstudent HR / Schwerpunkt Active Sourcing (m/w/d)StudentHamburg, Deutschland
13.01.2020Werkstudent Online Marketing (m/w/d)StudentHamburg, Deutschland
07.01.2020Juniorberater TV-Einkauf (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
07.01.2020Junior Media Planer & Berater Online & Offline (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalNürnberg, Deutschland
23.12.2019(Senior) Account Manager Paid Social (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalMünchen, Deutschland
20.12.2019(Senior) Media Berater & Planer Crossmedial (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalNürnberg, Deutschland
20.12.2019Sachbearbeiter Stammdatenmanagement (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
20.12.2019Junior Community Manager (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
19.12.2019(Senior) Berater Social Media (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
18.12.2019(Senior) Berater Kreation (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
17.12.2019(Senior) Berater Strategie (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
12.12.2019Media Planer & Berater Online (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
11.12.2019(Senior) Berater Media Operations (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
10.12.2019Junior Media Planer & Berater Offline (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
10.12.2019Senior Media Planer & Berater Online (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
10.12.2019(Senior) Account Manager Paid Social (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
10.12.2019Media Planer & Berater Offline (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
10.12.2019Berater Media TV (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
06.12.2019HR Manager Administration (m/w/d) – 2 Jahre befristetExperienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
29.11.2019Senior Media Consultant & Planner (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
18.11.2019(Senior) Berater TV-Einkauf (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
13.11.2019Berater Strategie (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
13.11.2019Seniorberater Strategie (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
06.11.2019(Senior) Account Manager Paid Social (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
06.11.2019(Senior) Media Planer & Berater Online (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
06.11.2019(Senior) Berater Performance Marketing / SEA (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
25.10.2019Media Analyst / TV & Digital (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
25.10.2019(Senior) Media Planer & Berater Offline (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
25.09.2019Junior Berater Media Operations/Campaign Management (m/w/d)Young ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
25.09.2019Berater Media Operations/Campaign Management (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalBerlin, Deutschland
03.09.2019Controller (m/w/d) / Bereich TV Planung und TV EinkaufExperienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland
30.08.2019(Senior) Berater Media TV (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalMünchen, Deutschland
30.08.2019Leiter Beratung Media TV (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalMünchen, Deutschland
30.08.2019(Senior) Media Planer & Berater Online (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalMainz, Deutschland
30.08.2019Teamleiter Beratung Media Online (m/w/d)Experienced ProfessionalHamburg, Deutschland

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Please note: The use of your data is subject to strict security guidelines, which we outline in our data privacy policy. Your data will be automatically deleted as soon as the job for which you applied is no longer available, unless you give us your consent to continue storing your data.

Our secret? Our corporate culture

Openness and friendliness are key aspects of our corporate culture. We see ourselves as one big family. This was true back when we were only 11 strong, and is still true now that we have more than 400 employees. And, as a family, we look out for each other and treat our team members cordially.

Also part of our culture

Incentives such as company sports, massages, home office options, and a variety of employee development measures. Our employees can also take sabbaticals and structure their careers at our agency according to their individual skills and competencies.




How we work

A job with pilot is more than a standard agency job. After all, the positions we offer are as varied as our spectrum of services. Whether you are a media consultant or an art director, working toward our clients’ success will invariably involve collaborating with many different colleagues.

Here, our cordial, collaborative corporate culture fosters an atmosphere of trust and togetherness. We are proud of the fact that employees stay with our agency for an average of almost five years.

Your contacts at pilot


Judith Scholten
Director HR

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Carlotta Herthel-Nissen
HR Manager / Recruiting

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Theresa Richter
Junior HR Manager

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Danielle Steirat
HR Manager Berlin

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Katharina Maatsch
HR Manager Munich

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